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    BBC R4 - Janie Prager and Peter Kavanagh's 'Lonely Joe' [Joe

    Audio Books : Misc. Educational : Other quality : English
    BBC R4 - Janie Prager and Peter Kavanagh's 'Lonely Joe'
    Based on John Repsch's 'The Legendry Joe Meek'
    Broadcast in the 'All Shook Up' Season
    Directed by Peter Kavanagh
    Broadcast March 26, 1994
    Coded from tape at 96/32
    Thanks to Usenet

    Biodrama about Joe Meek - eccentric producer of innovative records
    such as 'Johnny Remember Me', 'Telstar', and 'Have I The Right?'.

    Joe Meek - Oliver Cotton
    Dee James - Ian Targett
    Johnny - Paul Panting
    Bobby - Peter Kenny
    Heinz - Tom Watt
    Mrs Sheddon - Tina Grey
    Denis Preston - Don Mcorquindale
    George Meek - Gareth Armstrong
    Blackmailer - Nicolas Bolton
    Biddy Meek - Moia Leslie
    Jim - Nicolas Bolton
    Babs - Una Beason
    Screaming Lord Such - Screaming Lord Such

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