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    28.05.12 03:30

    FF7 PC High Res Total Remake + Goodies

    Games : Windows : Full Game : English
    Completely Overhauled FF7 Graphics and Sound for Windows. Works on WinXP, should work on vista, and windows 7 with not problem, this is for 32bit systems. (maybe it can work with 64bit).
    Automated Installer (latest version of bootleg .38), see instructions below, this is super easy to setup.
    Trainers and Save Editors - see Goodies Folder Will not crash your registry like FF7 can do during install (directx and movie player were removed)


    1. Daemon Tools or Image Mounter
    2. About 20 Gigs of free space
    3. An "ok" pc with at least 512 of Ram and a Video Card
    4. Yes you need FF7INSTALL.zip and FF7INSTALL.bin
    5. Listen Carefully. BFE.exe (bootleg installer) installs all the zipped and non-zipped files in the "FF7 BOOTLEG + MODS" folder, you don't have to worry about that. Just Set the Configuration exactly as this guide tells you, and then mount the image when instructed at the command box prompt and enter the drive letter then continue. I've included a guide I wrote for qhimm.com a few days ago too, this has everything the guide mentions + more, trainers and save editors (to get all the summons you missed).


    1. Inside this Folder "FF7 BOOTLEG + MODS", double click "BFE.EXE", and set all the options to match the following below:

    Cloud Without Sword (Bloodshot)
    Hi-Res Classic
    Cloud's Normal Hair Style
    White Mesh Barret with Gun
    Vincent's New Boots and Rifle
    HD Sephiroth by Anifiga
    Tifa's Normal Hair Style
    Yuffie's Normal Hair Style
    HQ Aerith

    Bootlegged (Best of Show)
    Assault Team Biggs
    Assault Team Jessie
    Assault Team Wedge
    Tank and Pirate Ship
    HQ Highwind
    No Change
    Crisis Core
    AC Vials
    Huge Materials

    No Change
    HD Buster by Wren Jr.
    Remove Glitched
    Team Avalanche HR
    No Change
    Battle Scenes as PNG
    Upscaled Magic

    AVATARS - Custom - Left to Right by Row to Bottom
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V4
    AC Round V4
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5
    AC Round V5

    New SoundFX
    Always Run Toggle
    FinalFanTim OGG
    H. Items Easy + Scene Redux
    Aeris Revival
    New Spell Names

    Style Switcher
    9999 Break
    Status Icons
    Autosize Action Box
    Coloured Items
    Coloured Interface
    Lucky Cait
    Lucky Tia
    American Spelling
    Sense Fix
    3D Battler Fix
    Clock Fix
    Coaster Fix
    Snowboard Fix
    script Fixes

    2. Create a folder in the root of Drive C, named FF7, C:\FF7 make sure you have all the installation paths set in the "Installations Tab", example below:

    Mod Source (path to your MODS you downloaded)
    C:\Documents and Settings\Sunshine\Desktop\FF7 BOOTLEG + MODS
    FF7 Install Image (path to the FF7INSTALL.zip image you created, yes you still need the .bin image too)
    C:\Documents and Settings\Sunshine\Desktop\FF7 IMAGES\FF7INSTALL.zip
    Bootleg.exe Location (path to the Bootleg.exe file should be with your MODS, as per instructions)
    C:\Documents and Settings\Sunshine\Desktop\FF7 BOOTLEG + MODS
    Temporary Files (path to temporary directory, when installation is complete, these files will be deleted)

    3. Now click the Run Bootleg button its red and on your right hand side, in Bootleg Front End. When it begins you will recieve several prompts to install things, just press yes and continue, don't try to start the game until the installation is completely finished. You will also be prompted to give the drive letter for the FF7INSTALL.bin Image you mounted, when you recieve this prompt, mount the FF7INSTALL.bin image with Daemon Tools, and put the drive letter in the command box and it will continue. I will list the actions once you press the Run Bootleg Button below, for the options and configuration in this guide only:

    log window pops up with some errors in it, thats ok just close it
    FF7Music 1.51.12 Setup window pops up in your taskbar (so wait for it), select next, i agree, next, next, REMASTERED, now uncheck the box that says "Run FF7", and select finish. (it will continue, if you do not select "remastered" you will have the music with the clicks from ps1)
    Forfiles window pops up and shows an error, just press ok
    Bootleg_Readme window pops up, close the window
    Bootleg Front End window pops up when your finished, close the window, everything is installed
    BootLoader window pops up, this is how you start the game, lets continue

    4. Select Configure on the BootLoader Menu, when you finished select "WRITE CFG", view the other included readme for all configuration options.

    (if your changing into another language, there is scroll down box you can use to pick your language)

    Almost Forgot, don't forget to mount FF7DISK1, 2 or 3, with daemon tools or your virtual drive, because the game will look for it, and remember your using the "Bootloader" shortcut to configure and run the game, so you will have to select your virtual drive's drive letter.

    One more thing, I know this release works fine, but there are 2 Graphical updates I may try to release as an update for this version, if I get around to it..............one more thing....if you don't want the "remix" videos i tell you to select as apart of this guide then the, 1280smooth enchanced psx videos are included just select that option, the rest of the videos that can work with this release I did not include and suggest not using them, because they are.........of poor quality.