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    06.03.13 08:10


    Dear community,

    After weeks of hard work we are finally releasing NemOps, if you want to know how to install our client, read below:

    1) Download the Game.
    2) Run the Updater in the game directory.
    3) Launch BlackOpsMP or BlackOps.
    4) login with your forum details... Profit.

    Fatal Error - Will be fixed soon
    Skidrow Version - Will be fixed soon

    Current Features:
    Downloading game settings fixed.
    Connecting to server/fetching stats timeout fixed.
    Matchmaking fixed. (Zombies)

    Uploader Note:-

    For more info go to http://nemexis.net/ .
    while for the updater here [url]http://nemexis.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=89[/url]